Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer 2012: Day 10- Day Out

Woke up at 8 and wanted to go jogging. I woke up and all my body and mind was telling me was, "I can't do it.", so I didn't go, as expected. Maybe soon. :) I need to work out. Desperately.
Went to church, nothing special. But I love it when people share testimonies. It makes me feel so empowered and the fire of faith in God just gets bigger and bigger. I do hope that it gets even bigger though because right now I know that it's not enough. Not for me at least. I want to feel that connection with God and I don't feel like I've reached that yet. And I'm willing to try harder to reach it.
After church I had lunch... by myself. Just sat there in the food court, eating KFC and reading Mockingjay. How exciting.

Met with my best friend for a hang out session and everything. It was nice, seeing him for the first time this summer. It's always nice to hang with your guy friends once in a while you know? But then sometimes it's a bit awkward because we had a little bit of a history.. I won't go into details. My best friend.. he's more of a girl really, but he's not gay, I promise. He's great, and we're pretty close so that's nice. We talked about lots of things and we do actually tell each other quite a fair bit of things but some things that are slightly more personal we keep to ourselves. Sometimes I wish he'd tell me because honestly he's quite secretive but I can never get it out of him and I don't try anymore because I know I won't get anything. I tell him a lot of things though. He knows pretty much everything. I trust him but not entirely. I love him and I hope we stay best friends.