Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer 2012: Day 8&9- Cooking

Day 8-
Went to my friend's out to do some DIY! Cut some shirts up, coloured a pair of shorts. Finished reading Catching Fire which was so good. It basically sucked me into the book and made me want to keep reading till the very end.

Day 9-
I honestly didn't do much today. Slept till about 1 and I got three texts which I was quite happy about since no one ever texts me (it's true, seriously). From my three best guy friends, it's always nice to wake up to texts. For me anyways. For the others who receive texts on a daily basis, you won't understand. I started reading Mockingjay since I finished Catching Fire last night but I haven't really been intrigued by it. Not as captivated as I was with Catching Fire, that's for sure. 

I cooked dinner! Second full meal I've cooked and I'm very proud of it! I cooked mac and cheese and baked pesto chicken. Credits to Moms Who Think for the amazing recipes.
Mac and Cheese

Baked Pesto Chicken