Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer 2012: Day 4- Rock Climbing

Woke up at about 10, which is unusual, I usually wake up quite late, somewhere in the afternoon. But anyways, had molten chocolate cake and sushi for breakfast. Strange combination? I know. Then I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon downloading things. After that I went to YMCA to go climbing! I haven't been climbing in a long time, so you know, I wasn't that great. But I think I was okay, I managed to climb the ones I couldn't climb before. Proves that my strength/skill has improved somewhat? It was fun but tiring. I might join the rock climbing group we have at school next year though. Seems legit. My arms and legs, mostly arms are going to hurt like crazy tomorrow, I kid you not. Muscle aches make you lose the ability to do everyday activities.

I was looking for the Wii Zumba game but couldn't find it in HMV, sadly. I assumed that if they had it in Hong Kong Records they'd have it at CD Warehouse or HMV, I was wrong. Instead we went for dinner at a Japanese restaurant, had ramen and curry rice. Mmmm... Then of course, dessert. Banana pancake and mango tofu(?), in cantonese 'dou fu fa'.

After taking the MTR back to Tsing Yi, went to CD Warehouse, bought Man On A Ledge, bought a pair of running shorts, bought some cakes (more dessert!) and went home. Upon arriving at home, obviously the smart thing to do would be to have a nice shower, watch Man On A Ledge and eat my cakes. And that is exactly what I did. I didn't actually understand Man On A Ledge at first, I didn't get why they were trying to break into the safe and everything but then I figured it out. It was quite an interesting movie honestly and I was happy that Elizabeth Banks was in it. Hunger Games fan here! I have tons of other shows and movies to watch this summer, and all my thoughts and opinions will definitely be posted here. And there you have it. My pretty good day. I plan to wake up somewhat early tomorrow to go jogging, then go visit my dad. But we'll see how it goes.