Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer 2012: Day 27- Shopping

Did a big load of shopping today with my mom. When I go shopping with my mom, I do some legitimate shopping. I'd show you what I got but it's all in my suitcase. Going off to Maldives tomorrow! I also ate a lot today. I'm not sure why, but it's not that I'm hungry, I just want to eat. So I eat.
Anyways! As I said, I'm leaving for Maldives tomorrow and I am very excited. I'm excited because, well, it's a beautiful place and I'll get to take lots of pretty photos and I get to go sailing, parasailing, snorkeling etc..
After Maldives I'll be going to Singapore so I will try to update as much as possible but I can't guarantee anything. Expect lots of pictures!
See you in two weeks :)

P.S. During Gateway I was using this shampoo from Loccitane and I really, REALLY, liked the smell of it and someone actually complimented me so I decided to get the full bottle, if they have it. And they do! So I finally got it today, the shampoo and conditioner, and here it is! I will have nice smelling hair for the rest of eternity.