Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer 2012: Day 25&26- Nothing

Day 25-
Was actually planning for a day out with my friend but he decided to stay at home.. Which was actually quite a good idea. But I came out anyways to have lunch with another friend who is interning somewhere in Central. We had Paisano's, the place near SoHo with giant pizza slices. I don't have a photo of her, but she looked so cute, and like a nurse in her outfit. She was wearing a mint green shirt and she had mint green oxford's and I was so in love with her shoes it was crazy. It was T1 in the morning then it became T3 and I'm so glad I got home by 3 because everything after that was just bad and windy. It rose to T9 in the night and at around midnight it became T10 which was crazy because there hasn't been a T10 here in 13 years. A photo to make up for a boring post.

Day 26-
Again, uneventful day. Oh I forgot to mention that I tried to make a backpack out of a tote bag yesterday. Credits to Sincerely, Kinsley for cool DIYs! I'm still working on the strap though. The strap to close the bag.. I don't remember the name. Brain fart. But it's only because my 'rope' is three pieces of ribbon in a braid. And the ribbon is pretty thick so as you can imagine, the braid is thick. So it's really hard to get it in, and I have yet to make another braid for my other side! I've been lazy and I didn't work on it today so maybe tomorrow, but I'm going out tomorrow so I'm not sure.
I just imported about ~20 CDs onto my computer and I actually imported stuff from Hannah Montana to The Script. I'd say my music is pretty diverse. 
This morning, or rather afternoon, as I said in the last post, there was T10 so my mom and I decided to go check out the damage and go to ParkNShop. Lots of trees had falled and my mom was grieving over it and I was laughing because.. it didn't really bother me. But she was like, "These trees took so many years to grow!", and I get where she's coming from but I mean, she was making such a big deal about it, I just thought it was sort of unnecessary. 
Then we went to ParkNShop and I guess it's kind of an inside joke between out Gateway crew, but I bought a big box of Special K cereal and the Kellog's fun pack. My mom didn't let me get Rice Krispies because we were going away and we had no space. But it's okay, the cereal I got will last me. 
I've been in a really strange mood today, I'm not hungry but I just want to eat and eat and eat. So after dinner I made myself a mug brownie. Don't remember where I got my recipe from but just google 'mug brownie' and you'll get a bunch of recipes. I think mine turned out okay but I put mine in the microwave for a bit too long.. Overall it was good though. My mom liked it too.