Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer 2012: Day 21-24: Gateway Hangouts

Day 21-
Honestly I didn't do anything... Except play on my iPad.
Here's a nice picture of my cat to make up for it.

Day 22-
Didn't do much either...
Went jogging and realised I was REALLY unfit after I started feeling faint after jogging only HALF the island... I might look fit, but really, it's all a lie.
Dinner at a nice Italian place by the beach. I had a burger and it was a huge patty with pineapple and bacon and the pineapple went really well with it but it was way too much for my stomach.

Day 23-
Watched The Dark Knight Rises and I feel like I should've watched the second one first because I was a bit lost.. But I thought it was alright. 
Iron Man is better though, no doubt. I think I like Marvel better than DC. I really liked the parts when the kid and Bruce Wayne were trying to climb out of the prison though. I thought that was really cool. 

Went to Fusion at ICA which is kind of like Resound... Which is basically worship and testimonies/sermons. Marcus talked about how God was telling him that we have to pick up something that we left behind, something important. 
I was thinking about what I needed to pick up but I wasn't sure. I was thinking that maybe it could be picking up the relationship with my dad? But I need confirmation from God. So I will continue to pray about that. 

Had dinner with the Gateway crew at a Japanese curry restaurant. We were starving so the food was delicious.. I'd say that the price was pretty okay as well. I love how we have so many inside jokes. We then went to ToysRUs which is definitely not only for kids..! Then we had YoMama which is always nice because, who doesn't like themselves some froyo? 
And then I was on my way home when my mom texted me and was raging at me about how I don't have the authority to go wherever I want without telling her and how as a 14 year old I shouldn't be out this late etc etc.. 
So I apologized and everything and then she went on to saying how going to church or being with my friends affects the way I behave? Honestly I think going to church would make me a better person. 
And I think the reason she was talking about my attitude was because the night before, she asked me to come out of my room for dinner but I was watching something and eating something so I just waited till I was done. 
But midway she shouted, "Is watching that more important than having dinner with your family?!" and so when I finally went out I was still chewing on something so I waited till I was done chewing but before I was done she was like "If you don't want to eat just go!" and I semi-shouted back "I'm eating something!". 
My behaviour is not caused by influence of friends whatsoever, but simply because I've been frustrated by her so many times and the anger just keeps building up. This year I've basically been an erupting volcano. All of the magma is at the tip and it's been slowly flowing out. Hence the frustrated shouts at my mother. I still try to keep it in but really, I can't do it anymore. 
So that's why I've been praying about it and praying that the fire in me will simmer down and so will the fire in my mom and I think it's been sort of working. Today my mom has been in a good mood and I kind of have too.

Day 24-
Went to church and we had a speaker who talked about human trafficking and how big of an issue it was and it made me want to help them but I don't think we have any mission trips that actually help this cause. I will google it though!

Had dim sum with the Gateway crew again.. Been hanging out a lot with them lately! Talked a lot, laughed a lot, as usual. 
Then a few of us went back to church and we just sat there for a few hours and we played Catch Phrase which is basically taboo i think? But that was fun. I love my spiritual family. My Gateway crew is basically my spiritual family. 

Then I went to TST to meet my mom but I didn't do anything because they were rock climbing and I didn't want to/couldn't because I wasn't wearing appropriate clothing. 
I read a bit of Perks Of Being A Wallflower, and right now I'm not sure if I like it or not. It's a bit strange and it's semi captivating I guess? But overall, I just finished Part 1, and I'm kind of weirded out. We'll see though! I've heard lots of great things about this book so I plan on finishing it.