Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer 2012: Day 2&3-Party

Day 2-
There was a typhoon and all that; we were meant to go to AMC for a boat trip but ended up going to a friend's house. Which was slightly inconvenient since I was halfway there when they called and told me to turn back. But it was okay, I wasn't that far away. We didn't do much honestly, but since her house was big, we played hide and seek and it was actually kind of scary. Two of my friends and I were hiding in the luggage room and out of nowhere we here this voice calling, "Cynthia... Cynthia...". We freaked out because they thought I was saying it but it wasn't me. We got really scared because there was no one there besides the three of us. We then proceeded to run down the stairs in horror. Only to find out about an hour later that one of our friends was hiding behind one of the bags and we couldn't figure out how she fit in there. We went swimming as well though we weren't even in there for  30 minutes. It got boring. We ate a lot though, there was constantly food on the table and we demolished it in no time.

After the party I went to my friend's house for dinner, watched Friends etc. It was getting late so I decided to stay the night and we watched Puss In Boots; quite an interesting movie! It's really strange but cool that they incorporate all the different childhood fairytales, like Jack and Jill and Humpty Dumpty. I loved the part where they were at the top of the bean stalk and they were bouncing on the clouds. That was exactly how I imagined clouds would be like. Sadly, they're not. Imagine if clouds were made of cotton candy and you wouldn't 'go through'. It'd be like living in a real life Katy Perry-California Gurls music video.

Day 3-
Woke up at about 11, had breakfast, went to see my dad in the hospital (stroke). He's improved tremendously since the last time I went to see him, which, I am embarrassed to say, was a while ago. He could actually nod and shake his head, though he still can't talk, I'm sure he will be soon. He was writing things to me and he actually wrote 'I love you' which was quite touching. I know he loves me. A LOT. I'm pretty sure more than anything. And I honestly cannot express how much I regret not treating him right before. But I'm so glad that he's improving so much and I can't wait till he's all better. And I finally saw my brother (half) after who knows how long. He's grown a lot and he's.. playful, as all kids are. He's cute though, and I can see a bit of me in him.

Did a little browsing and shopping around MongKok/Prince Edward, bought two denim shirts! I am not only going through a tattoo, stud and whatever phase, I am also going through a bit of a denim phase. So after that I went to Elements to first watch fireworks. 1st of July, marks the 1997 handover. I'd say it was Hong Kong's 'independence day'. And you know why it's extra special? Because I'm born in 1997 as well. Hong Kong has been somewhat independent for 15 years, and so have I! Ish.