Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer 2012: Day 13&14- Beach

Day 13-
I had a really good day today despite getting a bit burnt on my back/shoulders. I did some nice charity work today, went to the beach with mentally disabled children and it was so nice to see them so happy. I played with them in the water but only half my body was in because I didn't have a swimsuit and I couldn't go in the water. It didn't really matter though because in the end I gave in and just went in the water. But by then it was too late because all the kids were already out of the water. So I just had some playtime with some of the people there. Who kept attacking me with water guns. We had some marine police on board to help with the children and everything and there was one in particular who kept hitting on me, which is alright, it makes me feel very flattered, but also a big creepy. I doubt he was that much older than I am but it was strange. He chased me around with a water gun, then kept coming up to me, then asked what my name was, then wanted a photo with me, then wanted my number in which I said no to because I don't give my number to strangers. Sorry. He gave his number to my best friend though, which was quite funny. He didn't ask for her number but he asked her to send the photo of us three to him which basically means, he has her number. So that's that. Interesting day. Getting hit on and everything. There's always a first! I brought a friend and my mom's friend's son also brought a friend. So there were the four of us teenagers. But of course we stuck to our own friends. On the train going to the beach, my mom's friend's son didn't talk much but he was peeking at my best friend's phone and looking at what she was texting. She was really oblivious and had no idea what was going on but me and him both knew and we were giggling away. Then finally he said, "So.. You swim every day? With Amanda?". My best friend went all red. Literally all red. Me and him were both laughing so hard it was hilarious. This is the first time they've met. We laughed at it for so long, until we reached the boats basically. He's really cute. And he has a dazzling smile. His friend that he brought was just over the top cute. He was so cute my mom actually said to him, "I want to bring this one home!". You can imagine me, just standing there laughing and facepalming. This is my mom guys, meet my mom. He's also really tall but he is so so so so so so cute!

We came home and I took a nice shower to wash all that sand, salt and grease from my body. Then we went for dinner and now I'm at home typing this up. I am so incredibly tired and it is 10 minutes to 11. Got a long day tomorrow! Goodnight.

Day 14-
Went for Gateway meeting and wore a dress which was not a good idea at all... We didn't do much either honestly. I went to visit my dad who is still improving, praise the Lord!
Went to a party where they were selling branded things but with sales and stuff. We weren't that interested but we got free ice cream so after that we just left.
Went home and we had lots of dessert... Green tea cake, creme brûlée, chinese desserts from hui lau shan. I love food...