Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer 2012: Day 11&12- Food and More Food

Day 10-
Woke up quite late and then decided to cook lemon chicken because we still had some chicken breast in the fridge. This is what it looked like.

I went out for dinner with a few friends that night and my friend showed the rest of them a picture of it and they said, "Is this friend bread? Potatoes?". You can imagine how annoyed, pissed off and angry I was. A joke or two is fine, but you don't carry on with ten other insults. That's just way too far. Anyways, the chicken could've probably used more corn flour and egg yolk to cover the chicken and make it crunchier. 

With that said about dinner, we went to get some ice cream then headed to the park to play cards. But before anything else, my best friend basically turns into the ultimate jerk when one of my other friends are around and it is absolutely horrible. After he insults me he usually says, "I'm kidding!" until you say something in acknowledgment, but when he becomes his jerk self, he doesn't apologize or anything. It really bugs me but as long as I'm with him without the rest of his friends, or even just me, him and my other best friend, everything's okay. So we were playing Cheat, the card game, and it was my first time so obviously I wasn't very good. I swear I wasn't that obvious but I can't say because I didn't have a mirror in front of me to look at my facial expressions and what I was doing. Apparently I got caught every time I cheated because I'd giggle and laugh etc. I thought I did that every time I put down a card! But I guess not. I got a little pissed off and by that point, with all the anger that piled up over the hours, I was quite fed up. When my best friend got up to leave, I did too and I didn't even say bye because like I said, I was annoyed.

To calm myself down, I read Mockingjay and I finally finished it. It was good. I cannot express how impressed I am with the whole Hunger Games trilogy. But I was also quite confused and unsatisfied with the ending. It wasn't a happy ending nor was it sad. It was the fact that Gale wasn't there that made it so hard to swallow. I love that Peeta and Katniss are together but you can't just leave Gale! He was such a big part! I can't take teams and choose but I'm both team Gale and Peeta. I love them both. I know Katniss would have had to choose either one of them in the end, but I feel that Gale having 'an important job in District 2' was not a legit enough reason for him not to be in District 12 with Katniss! My rage here is done. I have poured all my sadness and dissatisfaction out.

Day 11-
Cut up shirts again. I cut up my Domo tshirt and now its a crop top! I thought that one turned out pretty nice. Then we went supermarketing because we were cooking that night!

Mashed Potatoes
Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo
Apple Fritters

I didn't boil the potatoes long enough so they were still kind of hard in the middle. Can't really blame my best friend for the bits of potato still in the mashed potato I guess.

The linguine was so bad. I hated the smell and the look of it and the taste of it. I should've just bought Alfredo sauce but the recipe said cream of mushroom soup.. and so I did. It was the wrong thing to do.

The lasagna was okay, I liked it but the skin was too hard. Which was a shame because if the skin had been softer it would've been so much nicer.

Apple fritters. The only fully successful thing of the meal, I'd say. We dipped it in icing sugar and it was gooooood! It would've been better if we ate it fresh but we didn't have time so we had to pre-make it.

After dinner we just sat around doing stuff on our iPads. But then I got hold of my best friend's phone and decided to send a little text to someone who has a crush on him. Who is also one of my close friends, though I wouldn't call her my best friend. I felt quite mean but it was such a good prank. I texted her with his phone saying, "Hey hv a gd trip to europe". Trying to abbreviate like him and everything. I thought I was quite convincing. And I was because she fell for it! Just when I was wondering who she'd go to for advice about this, I get a message. Of course, she comes to me for advice. Isn't that ironic? She was asking me what to say and she actually said those things so it was like talking to myself since I was the one receiving the messages. She was freaking out, I know she was, and we were there laughing our heads off. Then right before we left, we texted her saying it was another friend of ours because we thought we could just blame it all on him since he's always the one causing trouble anyways. Throughout this whole session of texting, my best friend obviously didn't go down without a fight. It was quite amusing because at times when we were fighting over his phone, we looked like we were cuddling. I won't show photos because I'd like to keep my friends' identities a secret. Don't worry, I told her in the end that it was me and she started saying that I sucked and I owed her, so I told her I'd cook her dinner, cook her something I can ACTUALLY cook properly!
It was a fun night.