Tuesday, July 31, 2012

God Has Set Me Free

Stupid, reckless, fun,
all I do is run.
Running from the truth,
running from my youth.

Body full of failure,
depression without a cure.
Death was so irrelevant,
the answer so evident.

I pushed myself to the core,
it was all such a bore.
But still it wasn't enough,
and boy, were they tough.

Now, I'm not defeated,
my worries all deleted.
For God has set me free,
and I shall no longer flee.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer 2012: Day 27- Shopping

Did a big load of shopping today with my mom. When I go shopping with my mom, I do some legitimate shopping. I'd show you what I got but it's all in my suitcase. Going off to Maldives tomorrow! I also ate a lot today. I'm not sure why, but it's not that I'm hungry, I just want to eat. So I eat.
Anyways! As I said, I'm leaving for Maldives tomorrow and I am very excited. I'm excited because, well, it's a beautiful place and I'll get to take lots of pretty photos and I get to go sailing, parasailing, snorkeling etc..
After Maldives I'll be going to Singapore so I will try to update as much as possible but I can't guarantee anything. Expect lots of pictures!
See you in two weeks :)

P.S. During Gateway I was using this shampoo from Loccitane and I really, REALLY, liked the smell of it and someone actually complimented me so I decided to get the full bottle, if they have it. And they do! So I finally got it today, the shampoo and conditioner, and here it is! I will have nice smelling hair for the rest of eternity.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer 2012: Day 25&26- Nothing

Day 25-
Was actually planning for a day out with my friend but he decided to stay at home.. Which was actually quite a good idea. But I came out anyways to have lunch with another friend who is interning somewhere in Central. We had Paisano's, the place near SoHo with giant pizza slices. I don't have a photo of her, but she looked so cute, and like a nurse in her outfit. She was wearing a mint green shirt and she had mint green oxford's and I was so in love with her shoes it was crazy. It was T1 in the morning then it became T3 and I'm so glad I got home by 3 because everything after that was just bad and windy. It rose to T9 in the night and at around midnight it became T10 which was crazy because there hasn't been a T10 here in 13 years. A photo to make up for a boring post.

Day 26-
Again, uneventful day. Oh I forgot to mention that I tried to make a backpack out of a tote bag yesterday. Credits to Sincerely, Kinsley for cool DIYs! I'm still working on the strap though. The strap to close the bag.. I don't remember the name. Brain fart. But it's only because my 'rope' is three pieces of ribbon in a braid. And the ribbon is pretty thick so as you can imagine, the braid is thick. So it's really hard to get it in, and I have yet to make another braid for my other side! I've been lazy and I didn't work on it today so maybe tomorrow, but I'm going out tomorrow so I'm not sure.
I just imported about ~20 CDs onto my computer and I actually imported stuff from Hannah Montana to The Script. I'd say my music is pretty diverse. 
This morning, or rather afternoon, as I said in the last post, there was T10 so my mom and I decided to go check out the damage and go to ParkNShop. Lots of trees had falled and my mom was grieving over it and I was laughing because.. it didn't really bother me. But she was like, "These trees took so many years to grow!", and I get where she's coming from but I mean, she was making such a big deal about it, I just thought it was sort of unnecessary. 
Then we went to ParkNShop and I guess it's kind of an inside joke between out Gateway crew, but I bought a big box of Special K cereal and the Kellog's fun pack. My mom didn't let me get Rice Krispies because we were going away and we had no space. But it's okay, the cereal I got will last me. 
I've been in a really strange mood today, I'm not hungry but I just want to eat and eat and eat. So after dinner I made myself a mug brownie. Don't remember where I got my recipe from but just google 'mug brownie' and you'll get a bunch of recipes. I think mine turned out okay but I put mine in the microwave for a bit too long.. Overall it was good though. My mom liked it too. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer 2012: Day 21-24: Gateway Hangouts

Day 21-
Honestly I didn't do anything... Except play on my iPad.
Here's a nice picture of my cat to make up for it.

Day 22-
Didn't do much either...
Went jogging and realised I was REALLY unfit after I started feeling faint after jogging only HALF the island... I might look fit, but really, it's all a lie.
Dinner at a nice Italian place by the beach. I had a burger and it was a huge patty with pineapple and bacon and the pineapple went really well with it but it was way too much for my stomach.

Day 23-
Watched The Dark Knight Rises and I feel like I should've watched the second one first because I was a bit lost.. But I thought it was alright. 
Iron Man is better though, no doubt. I think I like Marvel better than DC. I really liked the parts when the kid and Bruce Wayne were trying to climb out of the prison though. I thought that was really cool. 

Went to Fusion at ICA which is kind of like Resound... Which is basically worship and testimonies/sermons. Marcus talked about how God was telling him that we have to pick up something that we left behind, something important. 
I was thinking about what I needed to pick up but I wasn't sure. I was thinking that maybe it could be picking up the relationship with my dad? But I need confirmation from God. So I will continue to pray about that. 

Had dinner with the Gateway crew at a Japanese curry restaurant. We were starving so the food was delicious.. I'd say that the price was pretty okay as well. I love how we have so many inside jokes. We then went to ToysRUs which is definitely not only for kids..! Then we had YoMama which is always nice because, who doesn't like themselves some froyo? 
And then I was on my way home when my mom texted me and was raging at me about how I don't have the authority to go wherever I want without telling her and how as a 14 year old I shouldn't be out this late etc etc.. 
So I apologized and everything and then she went on to saying how going to church or being with my friends affects the way I behave? Honestly I think going to church would make me a better person. 
And I think the reason she was talking about my attitude was because the night before, she asked me to come out of my room for dinner but I was watching something and eating something so I just waited till I was done. 
But midway she shouted, "Is watching that more important than having dinner with your family?!" and so when I finally went out I was still chewing on something so I waited till I was done chewing but before I was done she was like "If you don't want to eat just go!" and I semi-shouted back "I'm eating something!". 
My behaviour is not caused by influence of friends whatsoever, but simply because I've been frustrated by her so many times and the anger just keeps building up. This year I've basically been an erupting volcano. All of the magma is at the tip and it's been slowly flowing out. Hence the frustrated shouts at my mother. I still try to keep it in but really, I can't do it anymore. 
So that's why I've been praying about it and praying that the fire in me will simmer down and so will the fire in my mom and I think it's been sort of working. Today my mom has been in a good mood and I kind of have too.

Day 24-
Went to church and we had a speaker who talked about human trafficking and how big of an issue it was and it made me want to help them but I don't think we have any mission trips that actually help this cause. I will google it though!

Had dim sum with the Gateway crew again.. Been hanging out a lot with them lately! Talked a lot, laughed a lot, as usual. 
Then a few of us went back to church and we just sat there for a few hours and we played Catch Phrase which is basically taboo i think? But that was fun. I love my spiritual family. My Gateway crew is basically my spiritual family. 

Then I went to TST to meet my mom but I didn't do anything because they were rock climbing and I didn't want to/couldn't because I wasn't wearing appropriate clothing. 
I read a bit of Perks Of Being A Wallflower, and right now I'm not sure if I like it or not. It's a bit strange and it's semi captivating I guess? But overall, I just finished Part 1, and I'm kind of weirded out. We'll see though! I've heard lots of great things about this book so I plan on finishing it. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer 2012: Day 15-20- Gateway

Gateway was truly an extraordinary experience... My love and understanding for God has grown vastly and I'm so happy that I got the chance to spend six days with people who are in love with God.

14/07/12, 15/07/12
I have really seen God work in everyone's lives today and I feel so empowered and I feel God's love overflowing in me and I have a sense of safety now, knowing that God is always watching over me and he would never let anything bad happen to me. 

Night rally-
People who were lacking strength and power to commit themselves to God were asked to go to the sides or the front and I was one of them who went up. There was a leader who prayed for me and it was quite funny because he asked me if I wanted it in English, Chinese, or Cantonese which was like the phone companies saying "press 1 for English, press 2 for mandarin". I don't really remember what he said to me but it didn't really register because my barriers were still up. They've been up for a long, long time, but until today, I just didn't know how to break my walls down. So after he prayed for me I went back and tried to be in the 'zone' but that didn't really work either. Then Carolina (my team leader) came up to me and wanted to pray for me so of course I accepted. She was on the second sentence, I started crying and I didn't even know why I was crying but I think my insides knew what was coming but my brain hadn't figured it out yet. Carolina was saying all these things about me condemning myself and worrying. And in actual fact, that was my barrier, even though I never really realised it. I've never told anyone about this before and the fact that Carolina knew was so mind blowing because throughout the whole prayer the sentence that kept going through my mind was, "Ohmygosh, God has told her everything. God knows everything.". These are the things that I really keep inside my heart and when she said those things she was really digging into the depths of it and I immediately broke down because I felt that wall break down and I felt so much closer to God. At the end of the rally, we were all standing around and I just felt that God was asking me to make things up with Stefia. We had a fall out a few months back where I said some really bad things about her and to her. I was contemplating it for a while and I decided that I really should do it and she was near me so I walked up to her and it was like she knew I was coming and she knew what I was there to do, as I walked to her she held out her arms and we had a really long embrace and I started weeping and weeping and I apologised over and over again and she started crying too. I just felt God's presence and his work all fit into place. He knows who we really need by our side and she is one of them. 

My friend's testimony, also on the same night-
On the first day of camp, my mind and heart felt so blocked up, it was as if an armour around it and nothing about God that was taught during the rallier and everything could get in. And that night I realised why; It was because a few months back during our school's masquerade ball, there was a fortune teller and I didn't know that christians were not meant to talk to fortune tellers because it was actually embracing the bad spirits and that night, a bad spirit had entered my body and it has been there for quite a while. So Carolina (my team leader) lead me to repent, which is saying sorry to God for believing in and doing those things. While I repented for the fortune telling, my eyelids started flickering uncontrollably and my jaw tightened and it was like something was trying to stop me from saying the word and my voice went really soft when I was asking God to cast out the bad spirits. It was like the spirit was trying to stop me. During the prayer it rained twice and it was exactly when I was saying something about cleansing and renewal. It was definitely not a coincidence because the rain only lasted about a minute each and it was both at the right times. It was truly amazing because it was like God's glory was raining down on us and it was washing the bad spirit out. Eye flickering is a sign of fortune telling so it was like God forgave me and the spirit had left my body. I had a headache in a very specific spot afterwards and it kept moving around my head and it was the spirit playing with my head. I also had a picture of a grave that was beside our dorm and the spirit was also playing with that image by stretching it and distorting it. I've always been spiritually sensitive but I never really took notice of it and thought it was just something that scarred me as a child. But I realise now that I'm spiritually sensitive, which means I can really feel it when spirits are around. Which is also a reason why I'm so scared of ghosts and the dark. I'm so glad and happy that this armour has been broken and I can finally grow closer to God and be filled with the Holy Spirit. 

I've learnt so much this camp and I've seen God do amazing, amazing things. I just want to praise God and I pray that my faith in him will continue to grow, that I will overflow with God's love and the Holy Spirit. Thank you God for really giving me evidence that you are real and that you know everything about us and care for us. God is good!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer 2012: Day 13&14- Beach

Day 13-
I had a really good day today despite getting a bit burnt on my back/shoulders. I did some nice charity work today, went to the beach with mentally disabled children and it was so nice to see them so happy. I played with them in the water but only half my body was in because I didn't have a swimsuit and I couldn't go in the water. It didn't really matter though because in the end I gave in and just went in the water. But by then it was too late because all the kids were already out of the water. So I just had some playtime with some of the people there. Who kept attacking me with water guns. We had some marine police on board to help with the children and everything and there was one in particular who kept hitting on me, which is alright, it makes me feel very flattered, but also a big creepy. I doubt he was that much older than I am but it was strange. He chased me around with a water gun, then kept coming up to me, then asked what my name was, then wanted a photo with me, then wanted my number in which I said no to because I don't give my number to strangers. Sorry. He gave his number to my best friend though, which was quite funny. He didn't ask for her number but he asked her to send the photo of us three to him which basically means, he has her number. So that's that. Interesting day. Getting hit on and everything. There's always a first! I brought a friend and my mom's friend's son also brought a friend. So there were the four of us teenagers. But of course we stuck to our own friends. On the train going to the beach, my mom's friend's son didn't talk much but he was peeking at my best friend's phone and looking at what she was texting. She was really oblivious and had no idea what was going on but me and him both knew and we were giggling away. Then finally he said, "So.. You swim every day? With Amanda?". My best friend went all red. Literally all red. Me and him were both laughing so hard it was hilarious. This is the first time they've met. We laughed at it for so long, until we reached the boats basically. He's really cute. And he has a dazzling smile. His friend that he brought was just over the top cute. He was so cute my mom actually said to him, "I want to bring this one home!". You can imagine me, just standing there laughing and facepalming. This is my mom guys, meet my mom. He's also really tall but he is so so so so so so cute!

We came home and I took a nice shower to wash all that sand, salt and grease from my body. Then we went for dinner and now I'm at home typing this up. I am so incredibly tired and it is 10 minutes to 11. Got a long day tomorrow! Goodnight.

Day 14-
Went for Gateway meeting and wore a dress which was not a good idea at all... We didn't do much either honestly. I went to visit my dad who is still improving, praise the Lord!
Went to a party where they were selling branded things but with sales and stuff. We weren't that interested but we got free ice cream so after that we just left.
Went home and we had lots of dessert... Green tea cake, creme brûlée, chinese desserts from hui lau shan. I love food...

Summer 2012: Day 11&12- Food and More Food

Day 10-
Woke up quite late and then decided to cook lemon chicken because we still had some chicken breast in the fridge. This is what it looked like.

I went out for dinner with a few friends that night and my friend showed the rest of them a picture of it and they said, "Is this friend bread? Potatoes?". You can imagine how annoyed, pissed off and angry I was. A joke or two is fine, but you don't carry on with ten other insults. That's just way too far. Anyways, the chicken could've probably used more corn flour and egg yolk to cover the chicken and make it crunchier. 

With that said about dinner, we went to get some ice cream then headed to the park to play cards. But before anything else, my best friend basically turns into the ultimate jerk when one of my other friends are around and it is absolutely horrible. After he insults me he usually says, "I'm kidding!" until you say something in acknowledgment, but when he becomes his jerk self, he doesn't apologize or anything. It really bugs me but as long as I'm with him without the rest of his friends, or even just me, him and my other best friend, everything's okay. So we were playing Cheat, the card game, and it was my first time so obviously I wasn't very good. I swear I wasn't that obvious but I can't say because I didn't have a mirror in front of me to look at my facial expressions and what I was doing. Apparently I got caught every time I cheated because I'd giggle and laugh etc. I thought I did that every time I put down a card! But I guess not. I got a little pissed off and by that point, with all the anger that piled up over the hours, I was quite fed up. When my best friend got up to leave, I did too and I didn't even say bye because like I said, I was annoyed.

To calm myself down, I read Mockingjay and I finally finished it. It was good. I cannot express how impressed I am with the whole Hunger Games trilogy. But I was also quite confused and unsatisfied with the ending. It wasn't a happy ending nor was it sad. It was the fact that Gale wasn't there that made it so hard to swallow. I love that Peeta and Katniss are together but you can't just leave Gale! He was such a big part! I can't take teams and choose but I'm both team Gale and Peeta. I love them both. I know Katniss would have had to choose either one of them in the end, but I feel that Gale having 'an important job in District 2' was not a legit enough reason for him not to be in District 12 with Katniss! My rage here is done. I have poured all my sadness and dissatisfaction out.

Day 11-
Cut up shirts again. I cut up my Domo tshirt and now its a crop top! I thought that one turned out pretty nice. Then we went supermarketing because we were cooking that night!

Mashed Potatoes
Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo
Apple Fritters

I didn't boil the potatoes long enough so they were still kind of hard in the middle. Can't really blame my best friend for the bits of potato still in the mashed potato I guess.

The linguine was so bad. I hated the smell and the look of it and the taste of it. I should've just bought Alfredo sauce but the recipe said cream of mushroom soup.. and so I did. It was the wrong thing to do.

The lasagna was okay, I liked it but the skin was too hard. Which was a shame because if the skin had been softer it would've been so much nicer.

Apple fritters. The only fully successful thing of the meal, I'd say. We dipped it in icing sugar and it was gooooood! It would've been better if we ate it fresh but we didn't have time so we had to pre-make it.

After dinner we just sat around doing stuff on our iPads. But then I got hold of my best friend's phone and decided to send a little text to someone who has a crush on him. Who is also one of my close friends, though I wouldn't call her my best friend. I felt quite mean but it was such a good prank. I texted her with his phone saying, "Hey hv a gd trip to europe". Trying to abbreviate like him and everything. I thought I was quite convincing. And I was because she fell for it! Just when I was wondering who she'd go to for advice about this, I get a message. Of course, she comes to me for advice. Isn't that ironic? She was asking me what to say and she actually said those things so it was like talking to myself since I was the one receiving the messages. She was freaking out, I know she was, and we were there laughing our heads off. Then right before we left, we texted her saying it was another friend of ours because we thought we could just blame it all on him since he's always the one causing trouble anyways. Throughout this whole session of texting, my best friend obviously didn't go down without a fight. It was quite amusing because at times when we were fighting over his phone, we looked like we were cuddling. I won't show photos because I'd like to keep my friends' identities a secret. Don't worry, I told her in the end that it was me and she started saying that I sucked and I owed her, so I told her I'd cook her dinner, cook her something I can ACTUALLY cook properly!
It was a fun night.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer 2012: Day 10- Day Out

Woke up at 8 and wanted to go jogging. I woke up and all my body and mind was telling me was, "I can't do it.", so I didn't go, as expected. Maybe soon. :) I need to work out. Desperately.
Went to church, nothing special. But I love it when people share testimonies. It makes me feel so empowered and the fire of faith in God just gets bigger and bigger. I do hope that it gets even bigger though because right now I know that it's not enough. Not for me at least. I want to feel that connection with God and I don't feel like I've reached that yet. And I'm willing to try harder to reach it.
After church I had lunch... by myself. Just sat there in the food court, eating KFC and reading Mockingjay. How exciting.

Met with my best friend for a hang out session and everything. It was nice, seeing him for the first time this summer. It's always nice to hang with your guy friends once in a while you know? But then sometimes it's a bit awkward because we had a little bit of a history.. I won't go into details. My best friend.. he's more of a girl really, but he's not gay, I promise. He's great, and we're pretty close so that's nice. We talked about lots of things and we do actually tell each other quite a fair bit of things but some things that are slightly more personal we keep to ourselves. Sometimes I wish he'd tell me because honestly he's quite secretive but I can never get it out of him and I don't try anymore because I know I won't get anything. I tell him a lot of things though. He knows pretty much everything. I trust him but not entirely. I love him and I hope we stay best friends.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer 2012: Day 8&9- Cooking

Day 8-
Went to my friend's out to do some DIY! Cut some shirts up, coloured a pair of shorts. Finished reading Catching Fire which was so good. It basically sucked me into the book and made me want to keep reading till the very end.

Day 9-
I honestly didn't do much today. Slept till about 1 and I got three texts which I was quite happy about since no one ever texts me (it's true, seriously). From my three best guy friends, it's always nice to wake up to texts. For me anyways. For the others who receive texts on a daily basis, you won't understand. I started reading Mockingjay since I finished Catching Fire last night but I haven't really been intrigued by it. Not as captivated as I was with Catching Fire, that's for sure. 

I cooked dinner! Second full meal I've cooked and I'm very proud of it! I cooked mac and cheese and baked pesto chicken. Credits to Moms Who Think for the amazing recipes.
Mac and Cheese

Baked Pesto Chicken

Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer 2012: Day 6&7- Greyson Chance

Day 6-
Woke up late, played World of Warcraft for about two hours. Went for a nice body massage then had dinner at the Tam's. That's it really! It was also a really clear and sunny day which is always nice.

Day 7-
It's been ONLY a week since Summer started. Whhaatttt. It feels like a month's passed already. So basically I woke up kind of early, early for me at least, and made myself look nice for my event today. Which I will get on to in a bit. Went to Tsui Wah to meet a friend, been reading Catching Fire throughout the whole day and I NEED to finish the book, I cannot express how much it has lured me into the story already. It's amazing. Suzanne Collins, I salute you! The love triangle and all the crazy events that happen are incredible. Moving on! After eating and everything, we go to Langham Place and the line to take a photo with Greyson Chance is incredible... Yes, I met Greyson Chance. And he is the cutest. And it's great that he was still putting on smiles and everything for us because it was so obvious he was tired. I also didn't expect him to be this tall... He's my height or taller even. I always imagined him to be a little kid I guess. Even though really, we're the same age. I gave him dried mango and tictacs because I watched a video and he said he liked dried mango and tictac! So... yknow... that it is! He's the cutest, really. After that we went sticky piccing. Hah, back to primary! Never really gets old, it's always still as fun. That's pretty much it. It's been a tiring day!

Me and Greyson Chance :) I look so happy.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer 2012: Day 5- Chill Day

Woke up at about 11, lazed around in bed for an hour, tried to pair something with my flowery jeans for an hour, tried to pair shoes with my outfit for half an hour. Basically it took me like three hours to get ready for no reason at all, just because I can. Had lunch at KFC, for the first time in who knows how long, visited my dad, went to Starbucks. Don't ever get the cream based fraps, it's horrible. Don't bother getting the banana bread either. Shopped around Tsing Yi, got a pretty bag! Plan to do more shopping soon, need to get some basic tshirts. Remember I said I was planning to go running today, yeah didn't happen. Maybe tomorrow. If I'm lucky and wake up early. I plan to rearrange my photos and redo my walls tomorrow though. Though looking at them now.. Do they really need to be reorganized? Went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner, didn't eat that much honestly. Or maybe I did, I just didn't notice since I was so engrossed in reading The Hunger Games which, I assure you, I will finish tonight or else I will be dissatisfied. Seriously. I just spent an hour trying to take a picture of my outfit which didn't work out at all, and never does in these conditions, aka my tiny room. I tried my best and this is the result.

Shirt from Aeropostale//Jeans from Primark//Shoes from H&M//Earrings from Boutique//Bracelet from Boutique//Sunglasses from Boutique

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer 2012: Day 4- Rock Climbing

Woke up at about 10, which is unusual, I usually wake up quite late, somewhere in the afternoon. But anyways, had molten chocolate cake and sushi for breakfast. Strange combination? I know. Then I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon downloading things. After that I went to YMCA to go climbing! I haven't been climbing in a long time, so you know, I wasn't that great. But I think I was okay, I managed to climb the ones I couldn't climb before. Proves that my strength/skill has improved somewhat? It was fun but tiring. I might join the rock climbing group we have at school next year though. Seems legit. My arms and legs, mostly arms are going to hurt like crazy tomorrow, I kid you not. Muscle aches make you lose the ability to do everyday activities.

I was looking for the Wii Zumba game but couldn't find it in HMV, sadly. I assumed that if they had it in Hong Kong Records they'd have it at CD Warehouse or HMV, I was wrong. Instead we went for dinner at a Japanese restaurant, had ramen and curry rice. Mmmm... Then of course, dessert. Banana pancake and mango tofu(?), in cantonese 'dou fu fa'.

After taking the MTR back to Tsing Yi, went to CD Warehouse, bought Man On A Ledge, bought a pair of running shorts, bought some cakes (more dessert!) and went home. Upon arriving at home, obviously the smart thing to do would be to have a nice shower, watch Man On A Ledge and eat my cakes. And that is exactly what I did. I didn't actually understand Man On A Ledge at first, I didn't get why they were trying to break into the safe and everything but then I figured it out. It was quite an interesting movie honestly and I was happy that Elizabeth Banks was in it. Hunger Games fan here! I have tons of other shows and movies to watch this summer, and all my thoughts and opinions will definitely be posted here. And there you have it. My pretty good day. I plan to wake up somewhat early tomorrow to go jogging, then go visit my dad. But we'll see how it goes.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer 2012: Day 2&3-Party

Day 2-
There was a typhoon and all that; we were meant to go to AMC for a boat trip but ended up going to a friend's house. Which was slightly inconvenient since I was halfway there when they called and told me to turn back. But it was okay, I wasn't that far away. We didn't do much honestly, but since her house was big, we played hide and seek and it was actually kind of scary. Two of my friends and I were hiding in the luggage room and out of nowhere we here this voice calling, "Cynthia... Cynthia...". We freaked out because they thought I was saying it but it wasn't me. We got really scared because there was no one there besides the three of us. We then proceeded to run down the stairs in horror. Only to find out about an hour later that one of our friends was hiding behind one of the bags and we couldn't figure out how she fit in there. We went swimming as well though we weren't even in there for  30 minutes. It got boring. We ate a lot though, there was constantly food on the table and we demolished it in no time.

After the party I went to my friend's house for dinner, watched Friends etc. It was getting late so I decided to stay the night and we watched Puss In Boots; quite an interesting movie! It's really strange but cool that they incorporate all the different childhood fairytales, like Jack and Jill and Humpty Dumpty. I loved the part where they were at the top of the bean stalk and they were bouncing on the clouds. That was exactly how I imagined clouds would be like. Sadly, they're not. Imagine if clouds were made of cotton candy and you wouldn't 'go through'. It'd be like living in a real life Katy Perry-California Gurls music video.

Day 3-
Woke up at about 11, had breakfast, went to see my dad in the hospital (stroke). He's improved tremendously since the last time I went to see him, which, I am embarrassed to say, was a while ago. He could actually nod and shake his head, though he still can't talk, I'm sure he will be soon. He was writing things to me and he actually wrote 'I love you' which was quite touching. I know he loves me. A LOT. I'm pretty sure more than anything. And I honestly cannot express how much I regret not treating him right before. But I'm so glad that he's improving so much and I can't wait till he's all better. And I finally saw my brother (half) after who knows how long. He's grown a lot and he's.. playful, as all kids are. He's cute though, and I can see a bit of me in him.

Did a little browsing and shopping around MongKok/Prince Edward, bought two denim shirts! I am not only going through a tattoo, stud and whatever phase, I am also going through a bit of a denim phase. So after that I went to Elements to first watch fireworks. 1st of July, marks the 1997 handover. I'd say it was Hong Kong's 'independence day'. And you know why it's extra special? Because I'm born in 1997 as well. Hong Kong has been somewhat independent for 15 years, and so have I! Ish.