Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer 2012: Day 1- The Amazing Spiderman

Last day of school today, finally. Though I'm not that thrilled that it's summer. What am I supposed to do in the span of two months? I downloaded League of Legends and World of Warcraft just now and I am currently at level 3 on World of Warcraft, but I'm quite lost at the moment, not sure how to collect Arcane Silvers and Lynx Collars... I will do my research and somehow find a way though! So I got my reports back and thank God, no fails. But then again I didn't get any A's. Yes, as you can tell, my grades are superb. I won't tell you the specific grades but you sort of get the gist when I say that. My best subject this term has to be maths though. Got an A on my exam and a B on my report. Not too shabby, I think!

The Amazing Spiderman just came out today so obviously, my friends and I rushed to watch it. But I was a bit confused because I saw that it was only coming out on July 3rd in the US, so does that mean it aired earlier here? If that is the case then... suck on that America! No I'm kidding, it's just rare that movies come out earlier here than in the US.

I have to say though, the movie was pretty good. And I think I might've scared my best friend a little, I kept grabbing his arm when the scary parts came on. Awkward. To the people who are not so updated with the movie world, Spiderman is played my Andrew Garfield (who by the way, is really good looking) and Gwen (Spiderman's first love) is played my Emma Stone (so beautiful it's insane). They're a really good match, in my opinion. I think it's really cute that they're together! Going back to the movie. I love how at the end of Marvel movies (ends of The Avengers and Spiderman at least) they have a little prologue of the next movie and it really gets you thinking, it makes you so curious. I actually watched the behind the scenes video of the movie before I actually watched the movie which kind of kills it a bit but it was alright.

Behind the Scenes-

One of my favourite parts was probably when the doctor grew a hand but then it started to turn into something more. It was quite gruesome and when he first saw his hand after he tore it out of the membrane like thing, it looked disgusting. It was like a hand of a growing baby inside it's mother's stomach, it wasn't fully formed yet and it was pale and looked gooey.

The movie lived up to my expectations but there were no particular parts that really stood out so I can't really remember my favourite parts and all that. Despite the lack of an outstanding performance, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone really made up for it. I really liked that they incorporated the disappearance of Peter Parker's parents though, and how big a part it was. It was quite strange though since some parts that were in the trailer weren't in the actual movie.

-From a scene in The Amazing Spiderman
I think they're my new (second) favourite couple now.