Thursday, April 17, 2014


Shirt- Nepal// Skort- Forever 21

Taken by, of course, the supar talented BCHK.
Summer is practically here.
Honestly the weather here goes from cold to hot in about two weeks.
I'm glad the cold is over because I really rather be hot than cold. But then again I like dressing up for the cold weather because you just pile on clothes. Hot weather still wins.
The weather was great the day we shot, and the pier is definitely my favourite place for photos now. 
Brian told me that Margaret Zhang takes her own photos. I think that's absolutely crazy because I cannot for the life of me take my own photos.

I got this shirt from Nepal and it is hella rad because it's got Nepalese words and pronunciations on it. Not that I actually read it and learn from it...
Cropped it, then it became a crop top. Wohwoah.
Also, best skort ever. Read my full review here.
(tell me if you like reviews because i could totally do those)

ANOTHER REALLY COOL THING is I got to the front page of Chictopia (not anymore) and style gallery and it was freaking amazing and I was so happy. I also gained about 30 followers on Chictopia so that's pretty cool. 


Monday, April 7, 2014


Dress- Bershka

Taken by BCHK (of course) ages ago.
Look at my crazy photoshopped skin and my self-bleached hair!!
I just refound these photos so I decided to post them.
The title really has no relevance to anything and it makes zero sense as most of my titles are.
I'm just a cylinder of randomness.
Can be a good thing and bad.


Sunday, April 6, 2014


Top- Forever 21// Jacket- Zara// Skirt- Mongkok// Tights- Mongkok// Shoes- Pull & Bear

It's been a bit cool these couple of days.
BA BAM cool weather OUTFIT.
I'm going to admit that this skirt (actually a skort) is kind of weird. It's kind of short and tight around the top, and it makes my hips look huge?? I have no idea.
Okay my leopard print top is kind of weird too because it's static-y.
It's sort of bat-winged and is slightly cropped (or it might have shrunk in the wash, i'm not sure).
The overall look is slightly strange but I'm just gonna go with it.
Like I'm going with the skirt.
My favourite part of this outfit are my tights because they rad.
Sadly, the bottoms have holes.
TIP (that I heard from MeghanRosette): Spray your tights with hair spray when you first get it, and the chances of getting holes and tears will lessen!

~~~~~Procrastinating from doing the EE~~~~~

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Top- H&M// Leggings- Cotton On// Shoes- Topshop

Honestly so confused.
I swear I posted this before. Apparently I did not?!
Photo creds to BCHK <3
Spring is here. (or is it really, i question Hong Kong)
Leggings are (could be if you're willing to sweat) a year round clothing item.
You all know that I hate VPL and whatnot, so this shirt is perf because it's longer on the back, covering your butt and potential VPL! The front however, does not really cover cameltoes (click for a party).
This is my call for summer to come maybe now because I'm so SICK AND TIRED OF YOUR SHIT HONG KONG.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


 hello sean

Sweater- PINK// Leggings- Urban Outfitters// Inner Coat- Thrifted// Outer Coat- +J// Shoes- Topshop

We all know the sun wasn't actually shining today.
My photos are a lie.
It's been a gloomy-ass and stormy week here in Hong Kong and wohoho guess what, I'm sick!
That is besides the point.
It's really not cold enough at the moment to wear this, but we'll pretend it is.
I promise this entire outfit is comfortable.
Except maybe the shoes but shhhh beauty is pain.
My inner 'coat' is actually a dress and is also sleeveless. So far I haven't worn it as a dress though. It makes a nice extremely long vest. 
It is long, as you can see in the photos (so say, a maxi-dress for Naomi), so I wore a coat over it that was almost equally as long, so I didn't have some awkward lengths happening hurr and durr.
I also do not like wearing leggings as pants unless I have no choice (I give myself no choice), so here, my double coats cover whatever awkward happenings I may have around my crotch area! Not that I have many. But you never know. VPL is not cool. 
It's been raining cray cray these couple of days, except today, it was just damp and drizzly. There are puddles, however, so avoiding getting your feet/legs wet are definitely a priority. Here's where my heels come in!
Height so puddles don't splash (too much)- CHECK. Full coverage of foot and above- NO CHECK.
Yes there are cutouts so unfortunately these may not be first choice shoes.

These two weeks are heeeccccctic for me. Let excessive procrastination begin.
Wait sorry it already began.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


i never knew i could do this face


Top- Bangkok// Pants- H&M// Shoes- Pedro// Necklaces- Forever 21

This post has absolutely nothing to do with mops.
Today was warm!
It's getting warmer now, but according to Hong Kong Observatory, the temperature is going down again. (if it does then i can post my old outfit posts from when the weather was cold hehe)
It was a little cold today, in the morning and a bit in school, but it wuz ok.
I am brave.
And my long pants compensate.
Also this top is the freaking bomb.
It's awkward in certain areas (like the zip in the back that doesn't go down all the way) but overall it's comfortable and NAICE.
When the wind blows (anyway the wind blows) my top does fly up though, so I have to hold it down.
Because this is a crop top, I have to wear my one and only high-waisted pants, but I think they go great together!
I'm also really liking my necklaces at the moment. I sorted out my jewelry collection the other day and now I LOVE it. Especially my new giraffe and arrow necklaces as shown in photos.
These shoes are also new.
They're super comfortable and they are so very pretty and my feet don't get sweaty in them for some reason. 
(i don't smell)
Today is Epilepsy Awareness Day! (hello sop hie)
Which is also why I'm wearing purple. It's purple but it's not obvious.
Epilepsy is a thing.
I hope you are aware.
Because it is Epilepsy Awareness Day.
Lame jokes are my life.