Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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Hi friends!
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I feature my Air Makeup here.

My school trip to Cambodia!

Trying the famous putting on pants without hands.

Day out in Singapore ft. Junwen!

How to wear a shirt, three different ways. (basic)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


The high and almighty blueberry waffle

My aunt did my hair and very happy :) :)

Top- H&M// Shorts- Bangkok// Shoes- H&M// Necklaces- F21

Did many shopping and many damage to wallet. If it weren't for control, I would have bought the entire Singapore. 

Shopping in Singapore, Scape in particular is impeccable.
Minus the tax. Why you do dis tax??

We were originally going to go cycling but it started raining and so we (I) decided to go shopping.
I need to never leave the house so I can do less damage on the wallet.

Singapore has been not that hot recently, so my tank and shorts were purrfect for the weather. Also not sticky! A+++
I wore the shoes right after I bought them because they be nice and comfortable.
But your legs get hella tired after walking/standing in them for a long time.

(when will i stop saying 'hella'? i don't know)