Friday, April 25, 2014


The waves washed over my body 
But it washed nothing away

The sand on my body
Pricked me and pinched me

The sand on my body
Made wounds on my skin

The sand on my body
Never washed away

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Discussion: Feelings Towards Pets and Humans

I think it's interesting how generally, people react more to animals being hurt, than humans being hurt (except people who dislike animals of course).

I saw this photo on BuzzFeed, in a post talking about the NYPD. I was looking through it and I felt little emotion towards the tweets in which the NYPD were hitting a person or pulling someone's hair. Whereas when I saw this photo, I felt immediate rage. My feelings may be slightly biased because I am a huge pet person (cats, dogs and bunnies in particular), but from the comment(s) I saw on the post, I saw that many people shared the same feelings as I did.

Why is that?

My thoughts are that, perhaps, we see pets as inferiors (in a good way), like how we see a baby. Even if it wasn't a pet, but a wild boar being hurt in any way, I would again, feel strongly towards it. 

Another thought that I had was that, perhaps we have seen many brutal happenings between humans. So much that things like a person punching another person, are not seen as something very significant. We don't see as many people punching animals (behind the scenes maybe), and therefore when we do see animals being hurt, the initial and instinctive reaction would be to feel anger.

I feel like there is more behind this. But my brain can only come up with these reasons. So I've decided to start discussion posts where I'll post something with my thoughts, and you can comment (anonymously as well, if you wish) telling me your thoughts on it.

Post away! Tell me what you think.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Shirt- Nepal// Skort- Forever 21

Taken by, of course, the supar talented BCHK.
Summer is practically here.
Honestly the weather here goes from cold to hot in about two weeks.
I'm glad the cold is over because I really rather be hot than cold. But then again I like dressing up for the cold weather because you just pile on clothes. Hot weather still wins.
The weather was great the day we shot, and the pier is definitely my favourite place for photos now. 
Brian told me that Margaret Zhang takes her own photos. I think that's absolutely crazy because I cannot for the life of me take my own photos.

I got this shirt from Nepal and it is hella rad because it's got Nepalese words and pronunciations on it. Not that I actually read it and learn from it...
Cropped it, then it became a crop top. Wohwoah.
Also, best skort ever. Read my full review here.
(tell me if you like reviews because i could totally do those)

ANOTHER REALLY COOL THING is I got to the front page of Chictopia (not anymore) and style gallery and it was freaking amazing and I was so happy. I also gained about 30 followers on Chictopia so that's pretty cool.