Thursday, September 17, 2015


The Last

As the title suggests, this will be my last post on this blog. There are no sob stories involved and no tears were shed in this process (maybe a few). I have simply grown out of "The Undercover Giraffe". Many things have changed since the day I made this blog, mostly myself. I am now one step closer to finding myself, and "The Undercover Giraffe" is simply not me anymore. I will be turning 18 very soon- I am legally an adult! Child at heart, still look like a child, mind you. This blog has given me a lot to remember.

I'd like to take this last post to close the last chapter of my life, and open this new one.

Seventeen (almost eighteen) years in Hong Kong have brought me the utmost joy, somewhere I call home, and I will forever call home. My montessori, kindergarten, primary, secondary days are over. Let's be real, I can't remember most of my years until about age 13. The puberty years are arguably the most interesting years, because I truly do believe that those years were when I found, part of myself. A drastic change that I somehow still remember.

I started this blog on 25th May 2012. Three very good years on this blog. I've been blogging since primary school, something my friends and I did as a way to express our feelings, and somehow I followed through, up to today. Many things have changed in these three years, which is why I am moving somewhere else. will be up IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS please be patient with me :3

The Undercover Giraffe will still be here, although will not be updated. London will be my temporarily permanent location starting from today.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me from the very beginning! No words can ever explain how thankful I am. To this day when someone says to me "I read your blog" I am still shocked. At the fact that real people read my blog.

A short note to the people who have made an impact on my life: (besides the ones I already wrote in the gradbook)

I didn't write to you in the grad book because I was only focused on the people who were in my life at that very moment. We may have fallen apart but my memory does not fail me of the times we were close and the many times you have helped me in my times of need (read: falling off a tree, heartbreak, ice for my heart... the list goes on). Thank you for being impeccable company and always where the food was. Thank you for being absolutely hilarious. Thank you for being my best friends.

The person I owe the most to in terms of my 'career'. The unexpected best friends that we became, and you who has never let me down. Thank you for everything you have given me and done for me. Forever grateful for the times we've had together, to the point where mom trusts you to stay alone with me (literally no other guy). Clinking glasses to our friendship! And to what is to come. I may be halfway across the world with your boyfriend (HAHA) but know that I am always and forever here for you (till death do us apart amirite).

You are the reason I moved to GSIS and I have zero regrets of that decision. My rock through primary and part of secondary, "baby sasa" that I carried up a ladder, long phone calls regarding Freddy the weather man. We manage to always come back despite distance and lack of interaction, and I hope it stays that way. Thank you for being there for me and thank you for being you.

Unexpected? Yes! I needed to say it. Somehow we remain friend/acquaintances despite all the crazy shit I've done, and that deserves a thank you. Thank you for being kind. Thank you for teaching me what it means to love, anyone, and for teaching me virtues. A lot of who I am today stems from you even though you don't know it, and neither can I pinpoint exactly what it was, but you made a great impact on my life. And for teaching me something, thank you.

See ya'll on a different page!